World Famous Banarasi Silk Saree in Varanasi

World Famous Banarasi Silk Saree in Varanasi

The Banarasi saree is an international dress for women and it’s a very significant part of women’s fashion life. Most women beautify the saree at several events because of its stylishness and superiority. 

The Banarasi saree is famous among brides for their weddings and also women from all religions love this Banarasi saree. This Banarasi saree is not only creating impressions in the Indian fashion business but also in the international fashion business.

The colorful and intricate Banarasi sarees are mostly worn during weddings, functions and auspicious occasions. Light and comfortable modern sarees are finding great demand. In spite of its glamour the weavers who are real persons behind its delicacy are the sufferers. They are the least paid in lack of regulations of payments and forced to suffer long working hours, stress of working on handlooms and harm of synthetic dyes.

The vibrant and complicated Banarasi sarees are regularly in high demand during weddings, events and occasions. Radiance and comfy new sarees are finding great order.

Kashi or Banaras became a manufacturing center during the Mughal era when craftsmen came here from Persia. It sees rich traditions like kim khwab appear, in which silk can be barely seen for the zari. Banarasi sarees are given to approximately all Indian brides at their weddings. Nowadays, the uniqueness of Benarasi saree manufacture is losing its footing because of the use of unusual materials like plastics.

Banarasi sarees force you to believe upon your fashion plan of luxury. While these Banarasi sarees are available in different range, Banarasi saree professional dealer in the Varanasi have top-end sarees which they sell.

Banarasi Saree is Traditionally Made in Four Varieties:

  • Shatir Saree
  • Organza (Kora)
  • Pure Silk (Katan)
  • Georgette Saree

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